Photo Gallery: London Sealife

For my first post, I want to share one of my interests. Originally I did Photography at GCSE and loved it, however I never could invest in an SLR and so I did not pursue the passion further. (aside from some trips with a friend of mine who shared the same passion and owned his own camera)

Recently I have purchased for myself a Canon EOS 1200D. As a ‘starter’ camera. To reignite the passion for Photography. I have a lot to learn and I plan to use this blog to share my journey.

Heres a few photos from a recent trip to London Sealife Aquarium. A beautiful place that I would definitely recommend.


This last image is most definitely my favourite. A great first outing for the Camera. And a chance to familiarize myself with Gimp


I’m always looking to improve, and would appreciate any feedback on these particular images.

All images are Copyright © Christopher Faria and Dev Days 2016 (see sidebar)


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