Blog: Closing the Year + Christmas in Germany

With 2016 coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on a great year. Full of fantastic new experiences, meeting new friends and exploring new cities and countries.


I will be closing the year here in London, but I spent Christmas in Germany. Sampling some amazing Christmas markets, lots of currywursts & gluhwein, and exploring two beautiful cities in Berlin & Hamburg.


I want to thank everyone that has supported me this year as I’ve rekindled my love for photography. Specifically my amazing girlfriend who has been right behind me the whole way. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot since I picked up a camera again, and I’ve really enjoyed sharing all my photos with you all.


2017 promises even more new experiences and I will be carrying my camera through the year, capturing my perspective of this amazing world as I explore it.

“Happiness [is] only real when shared”
― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild



Blog: Canals of Venice

So I recently spent a few days wandering around Venice. It’s a beautiful city.


The city itself is very peaceful during this winter period. At certain points walking around all you can hear is the footsteps of other passersby. The city is still.



At night the city goes to sleep. There’s not a lot of lighting the small streets become something else entirely. Venice doesn’t offer a big party scene, in fact  your more likely to find locals standing outside a pub enjoying a calm glass of wine and chatting with friends. We learnt that when they fancy to really party they head off towards the mainland with their dancing shoes.


Would recommend the free tours. We took in 2 of them. And managed to trek around the entire city getting a good idea of the history and what really is going on with that sinking problem.


Enjoy the photos.



Focus: Leading Lines

To restart my photography blog I decided to do a focused post. I set off on a walk on Saturday 10th December with the goal of capturing a theme which has always been particularly interesting to me. Leading lines. I’m talking about pathways and parallels that continue on into the Horizon or to the focal point of the image.

In the first case the premise is simple, the image begins in the foreground with a path, a road or an object which gradually disappears into the background.


In the second case the leading line may not be the focus of the picture itself, it may actually simply be a tool to lead the viewers eye to the focus of the picture. In which case maybe the line is off centre and coming into the main focal point. Drawing the eyes in.


Here are a few more photos from the walk the other day, focusing on straight leading lines